Piñazza (peen - YACHT - Zaaaa!) is a 2-part NFT drop celebrating two controversial bedfellows, Pineapple and Pizza, in a raucous marriage of immutable forbidden love, eternally captured on the blockchain.

0.05 ETH

Contract: 0xa400272D8d524EA6c0689De6822b33fC5567FCd7

We believe Pineapple and Pizza are best served together!

Pina 0.05 ETH
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  • 10,000 Uniquely generated Pina NFTS followed by 10,000 Pizza NFTS
  • Instant reveal!
  • Decentralized governance where Piñazza's future can be decided by the community at large
  • Full IP and commercial use of each Piñazza! On a non-exclusive basis
  • Over 50 exlusive 'Pinazza Perfects" within the whole set / Millions of combinations plus extra toppings of rarity.

Roadmap and Milestones

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, its Piñazza! More than just an NFT drop, we have plans to create new utility of each Piña / Pizza pairing to unlock future drops and community rewards. We want to know from every Piñazza! Holder how we grow in the future and what will come next, but first be ready for some promos as we fully bake this project on the ethereum blockchain.

20% Sold

We will airdrop 100 tokens to lucky commuity members

40% Sold

Donation to build a metaverse Golden Pineapple that is a digital wishing well, where proceeds will go to benefit The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies ( MAPS ) a 501(c)(3) research and educational organization, MAPS is an American nonprofit organization working to raise awareness and understanding of psychedelic substances. MAPS is on a mission to create safe and legal opportunities for the uses of psychedelics in society.

60% Sold

We begin to get Piñazza Merch underway, with special priviledges for token holders, and some special Merch giveaways such as caps and tees to early supporters.

80% Sold

We will 'Pop up' a Piñazza Pizza store for a week in London and New York, and live stream the fun from the stores for those who live too far away. (It's just a bit of fun!)

100% Sold

Now we start work on the Pizza's, they should't take too long to bake, and we know you're gonna just love 'em. We will also make a donation of $50,000 to a mental health charity chosen by our community.

Traits and Rarities


Each Pina is comprised of 5 components - Background, Hair, Face, Arms, and Legs - with a possible 6th 'accessory' component.

We have amassed a huge array of Pina parts, resulting in over 300,000,000 possible combinations. Pretty much guaranteeing that each one is unique.


Of course, even though our Pina's are unique, we know that you guys love to see some ultra special rarities. So we've tweaked the recipes to ensure that there are a few very special combinations lurking about. There are no apes or zombies, but you might get lucky with an diamond skin Pina ;)

'Piñazza Perfects'

In the beginning, there were 50 'Piñazza Perfects', a collection of fully formed characters, many of whom looked remarkably similar to cultural icons from the past few decades (but we couldn't tell you which).

When these got thrown in to the mix, the results were.. well, unexpected. Only the luckiest will bag a 'Perfect' ;)

Meet the Team

We are a small team of people from the crypto community and the world of digital illustration.

Michael Lennicx - Creator / Artist

Michael Lennicx is a painter, conceptualizer, and designer. His clientele includes Marvel, Disney, Supercell, Nickelodeon, MTV, and Lego. Insta @michaellennicx. Visit michaellennicx.com or xandz.art for more details.

Wiley Mathews - Community

Wiley is a crypto enthusiast and product specialist who has built community in the space by helping to produce events such as the The 20 Million Dollar Pizza Party, Crypto HQ, and The Crypto Psychedelic Conference.

Alexx Shadow - Developer

Alexx is an experienced crypto project lead who has founded a number of NFT projects over the last few months. He is a specialist in React and Web3 and enjoys collecting the occasional NFT.